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AMARE Probiotics

Love Your Gut
About Amare Probiotics

Amare Probiotics started in 2015 with a handful of kefir grains (live cultures) brought from Costa Rica by one of the founders.  Brewed in small batches, the finished product was sold to friends and family who were interested in improving their digestive health.

Why Choose Us

One of our founders has an extensive background in probiotics as she studied Biomedical Science & Medical Microbiology. This means that our brand is not only about brewing the best quality products but also ensuring that proper fermenting methods are used to eliminate the risk of contamination. The knowledge and understanding of how probiotics work in the body are also important to be able to explain to our customers how the products can work for their digestive problems.

Our Purpose

The reason for the brand is to promote digestive health and a balanced lifestyle. Amare probiotics brews or ferments small batches of probiotic drinks as its main product line. All of the brews are made with water, sugar, tea & probiotic cultures. The products have been highly successful in improving digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, gas and acid reflux.

What is Kombucha tea ?

Kombucha is a cultured drink that has been around for a century in many cultures and is now becoming popular in the west. Amare Probiotics prepares its Kombucha by brewing green teas of various flavours in filtered water and then fermenting with live & active cultures and brown sugar.

What is Water Kefir ?

Water Kefir is a cultured drink, the origins of which range from Tibet to Mexico, some originally discovered by shepherds, growing along the banks of high altitude mountain streams. Amare Probiotics prepares Water Kefir by brewing loose leaf tea and dried fruits & herbs to release the all natural fragrant aromas and tastes that you find in each bottle. The brews are then fermented by adding live& active cultures  (kefir grains) and a mix of brown sugar.


A Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, A Healthy You. We Brew with Ancient Secrets for You to Brew the Very Best of Yourself.


Sauerkraut is a lactofermented food made with cabbage and salt. It is the perfect addition to sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs or as an added ingredient in your fresh salads. It is a probiotic food so has many health properties including boosting your overall digestive health.

Probiotic drinks With Great Health Benefits.

Amare Probiotics products boost your immune system

  • Supports overall digestive health
  • Promotes a healthy bowel movement

Also helps with:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constipation


Original Flavors

Bottles Served

Functional & Healthy Drinks

Brewed with You in mind


Blood Orange


“delicious, refreshing,
invigorating. . .

Love these drinks especially the Holy Basil and Wild Mint… Yum yum yum. Delicious, refreshing, invigorating and so good for you. Dominique is professional, efficient and she always provides great service. I highly recommend Amāre products.

– Jonathan Ramsen Jordan

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